How we work

In general, we do not work on a fixed price basis. We obtain details of the client's specific needs and requirements. We then outline the proposed professional services required and quote accordingly. After client's approval and acceptance of the quote we ask for 50% upfront of the total project's fee.
Client will then, if required, provide us with Storyboard, animatics, script or supplied with other references. We stay in full contact with clients making sure they are happy every step of the way. We will regularly keep posted with the project updates via disclosed ftp link or through e-mail for clients review, approval and comments. Our representative and client would have consent communication as the animation project is being produced. Any required correction/change is done upto his satisfaction before we move ahead with the project till the project is completed.
Balance 50% payment should be made on successful completion of the project (before handling the final source files.) We are efficient, honest, professional and straight forward.
Payment should be made in India currency through Paypal or through bank wire transfer. The client is required to bear all overhead expenses incurred in the process of money transfer. Applicable service tax is added on all invoices.

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