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We're Freelance 2D Animators deliver quality work to commercials, individuals and broadcast media utilizing Character Design, Concept Design, Background Design, Digital Art, Children Book Illustration, Storyboard and 2D Animation.

We assure you that we can deliver animations that match the standards of some of the top animation production companies across the globe. 

We are best known for our interactive illustrations and eye catching 2d animations. We work with businesses of all sizes and in almost every sector, helping them to create engaging and memorable projects.

SKG Animation is the team to Hire Freelance 2D Animators and Illustrators specializes in traditional 2D commercial animation and Motion Graphics animation.

Freelance 2d Animators Rates

Outsource your design and animation projects and we can offer you high quality services in best affordable price.

We always asked a lot of questions like "How much is 2d animation cost?" "What is your per second or per minute rates or hourly rates?" "How much does it cost to make an animated movie or episode?"

The answer is depending on several factors like what quality and style of animation required, what will be length of animation, total characters, complexity, estimated turnaround, budget etc. The most important thing is number of revisions required.

We generally charge per project price, per second, after checking whole project details and estimate the total work involved in production. because sometime some clients provide contents and ask us to do the animation.


Some clients ask for complete production of their story or concept, from character design, storyboarding, animatics, animation, compositing, VFX etc. So the rates completely depend on what the clients requirement is.

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