Background Design

Background is the element design of the animation scene. Before beginning any animation, our artists first creates layouts for the various shots in the animation production. A layout is a set of drawings for all the important actions or poses in shot. It also includes props, scenery, and other items that need to be taken into account for the animation. Layout also insures that all your characters and props work together and each step of animation is very clear. Everything that you want to see on screen will be taken into account. The artist first sets the stage for the animation scene. This artist creates the set designs, rendering pencil background layouts for each production scene, referring to the storyboard and other reference materials provided by the client. Although the rendered layouts never appear in the final production, they are the catalyst for both the positioning and perspective of the animation, and the design of the final painted artwork. Our artists are expert in developing backgrounds to international standards, realistic photoshop art, manual storyboard design, digital storyboarding and Animatics.

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